Australian Speakers Bureau Managing Director was at one time in the same shoes as you. 

Australian Speakers Bureau is Different.

The Australian Speakers Bureau identifies with you.

Managing Director Patrick Sweeney was at one time in the same shoes as you. As an Owner/Director of a large recruitment company, Patrick was in charge of organising talent for the company's annual conference. 

Patrick has kept in mind all the things that were important to him when attempting to organise an event so he knows your challenges and how you feel. This has helped Australian Speakers Bureau become a huge success story after 10 years.

Patrick and his staff know how to find the best talent for your event. Get back to your core business and let us offer fantastic suggestions and make your life just a bit easier!

Patrick Sweeney - MD

Patrick's vision is for the Australian Speakers Bureau to create a WOW result for all of our client's events.

Patrick has been a successful business person not only in the past 12 years as Managing Director of Australian Speakers Bureau but also as previous Owner/Director of recruitment company Integrated Workforce.

Patrick developed a close relationship with trainers and speakers who made it clear they felt there was an opportunity for a highly customer focused bureau in Australia.

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