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The 3 Ways To Be Kind To Yourself

By: Keith Abraham (view speaker details)


It is all too easy to be your toughest critic, your harshest judge and the fastest person to put yourself down. So here are 3 simple ways to avoid beating yourself up and eroding your self-esteem...

Keith Abraham

1. Ask Yourself What Worked

It is easy to determine everything that didn’t work, but at this point of time it’s all about moving forward. What worked? Look for any wins, large or small. This gives you a baseline to build upon.

2. Ask Yourself What You Learnt

You never want to reap the same mistake twice. It is important you recognise the learning and what to take away. You will live to play another game, however you want to be smarter at it second time around.

3. Ask Yourself What’s Next

It is critical that you move forward by taking action, not sitting in your defeat, devastation and despair for a long time. Remember, action defeats doubt and it moves your focus to building momentum, rather than reliving the excuses of what should have happened.
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