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Afterburner is a powerful new approach that places corporate teams in the fast paced and dynamic world of elite fighter pilots. Your teams experience and quickly acquire the unique tools and techniques used by these genuine Top Guns for flawless mission planning and execution.

Highly experienced former RAAF F18 Combat Fighter Pilots and active American Top Gun Fighter Pilots are the facilitators for a powerful blend of tailored presentations and hands on challenges. The Afterburner team of fighter pilots in their characteristic flight suits use dynamic big screen audio-visual package coupled with a unique hands-on mission planning challenge to fire up your teams. This high impact combination is designed to improve execution instantly and to deliver a series of powerful messages clearly and in a memorable way. A myriad of high performance fighter pilot techniques (such as the brief execute and de-brief cycle, Six Steps to Combat Mission Planning and STEALTH de-brief) are demonstrated, along with the perils of "Task Saturation".

By following the fighter pilot steps of Brief, flawlessly execute and then de-brief you will be sure to win every time! Learn how Fighter Pilots plan for a real mission using the "Six Steps to Combat Mission Planning". Discover how Fighter Pilots ensure flawless execution in their missions by eliminating performance draining "Task Saturation". Implement nameless / rankless S.T.E.A.L.T.H feedback sessions in your own squadron to guarantee maximum learning.


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