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On an evening in December 1994, an extraordinary event took place in Alison's ordinary life. She was abducted by two men and taken to the outskirts of the coastal city of Port Elizabeth in South Africa, where they raped and brutally assaulted her. She was stabbed in the abdomen more than 30 times and her throat was slit side to side. The men left her for dead in the bushes, the full moon looking down on her barely recognisable broken body.

But somehow she lived. Somehow she was able to use the light of the moon to find her way back to the road where she collapsed. A car finally stopped and found the near-dead Alison.

Despite the odds, she lived..

Not only did she live, she lived to tell a story that would break a code of silence about rape and brutal assault. Just one year after the attack, Alison gave her first public talk. She spoke the heart, sharing the pain and ultimate inspiration she discovered within herself during the attack and subsequent recovery. She is now one of the most sought-after speakers in South Africa, and has also visited over 20 countries world-wide sharing her story to enraptured audiences.


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