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By the age of 33 Craig Bacon was a General Manager at Australia's largest financial institution, National Australia Bank. From processing direct marketing responses with Colonial Mutual as a school leaver, Craig went on to hold key executive positions in life insurance, funds management, financial planning, sales and distribution and for a time an adviser to NAB's most inner sanctums; the Global Executive Leadership Team and Principal Board.

He is a highly regarded presenter and commentator, regularly contributing to finance industry journals and other media, hosted MFPTV on NAB's internal TV network and fronted NAB's 'Did you know . . . ' radio commercials.

Craig didn't gain his access to the 'Executive Club' courtesy of a University Degree or a professional services background, which is often the key these days, he earned his access because of his expertise in understanding the common ground between customer needs and wants, employee esteem and organisational expectations.

"Mutual gain is the foundation of all business transactions, yet it is rarely explicitly considered" Craig says. "Those who explicitly know the value to the customer, themselves and their employer are the salespeople that everyone wants working for them" Craig is a visionary and story teller and his style reflects that. His passion and easy style is infectious and resonates with audiences. All his presentations leave the audience challenged to think about whether they can achieve more.

Craig likes to understand the needs of clients who engage his experience and prefers to prepare presentations tailored for the audience. He conducts a number of regular presentations on:

Why David would win again. How small businesses can take on Goliath and win.

Is 'Old Fashioned Service' the new Black?

When are Great Relationships really Great?

He also presents the highly popular, light & lively Tip-Bits and Pearls - valuable lessons of 100 Conferences. It's the perfect session for that time slot just before the end of a long day.

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