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The proof is in the pudding ...

And people can't get enough of Cyndi O'Meara's recipe
When livewire nutritionist Cyndi O'Meara serves up her unique brand of advice for a better lifestyle, everyone wants more.

People love the facts she dishes up. Diet busters like "˜butter is best,' "˜you don't need to diet' and "˜yes, you can eat choc chip cookies' sit comfortably with "˜losing weight in 21 days' and "˜staying at a healthy weight for life.'

Flavour of the month every month, the talks that Cyndi presents tantalise, tempt and leave everyone satisfied. But it isn't just food to convert the fat and flabby. Cyndi brings a powerful "˜change your habits- change your life' message that people at all ages and all stages of life are hungry to hear.

By offering palatable, easy directions for combating many contemporary ills - obesity, depression, heart disease and diabetes, drug dependence and exhaustion, stress and dysfunction - Cyndi wows the audience every time.

Absolutely authentic and original, endearing, funny, inspirational, sincere and very entertaining, this unconventional nutritionist gives her listeners a tangible bequest to take home.


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