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Inspiring, fun, motivational, a great coach and role model... These are some of the terms used to describe David Jackson. Since 1985 David has spoken to over 250,000 salespeople, Managers and business owners in how to learn the best they can be. Using easy, proven and time effective techniques, David guides his clients to a more effective and efficient method of doing business.

Known as the "Sales Doctor" because of his motivational medicines, David's clients have all recorded improvements in profits, team attitudes, productivity levels of customer service, and overall confidence. David is passionate about his ability to bring positive changes to his audiences. He specialises in Sales Skills, coming a sales background where he was, in his industry of over 6000 salespeople, Australia's number 1 salesperson for 7 consecutive years.

All David's Materials are customised to your specific needs, ensuring maximum impact his involvement. David was awarded the accreditation CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) Federation of Speaking Professionals recognising his commitment to ongoing education, proven speaking experience and ethical behaviour. David's strength, as a key role speaker or facilitator to a small group via workshop, his ability to move his audience where the are now to where they would like to be with his infectious humour and down to earth practical how to's. Its guaranteed you will want a repeat prescription of the Sales Doctor!

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