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David Penglase is successfully challenging the way salespeople understand what it means to sell with success!
For well over a decade now, David's in-field research, conference presentations, workshops and executive sales coaching have been at the forefront of challenging salespeople to move beyond traditional selling techniques and warning their sales managers to steer clear of the 'soft selling' and 'it's just a conversation' movements.

Selling isn't soft, it should never be pushy or manipulative, and it's so much more than just a conversation. Be warned!

David Penglase is booked and rebooked by clients as a conference keynote speaker, breakout workshop facilitator and seminar presenter, quite simply because he not only challenges, entertains and inspires people to take action, he also will work in partnership with you to ensure that your convention, conference or training event achieves even more than you thought possible.

Post Conference Behaviour Change: To ensure that the sales team has unlimited 24/7 access to continually learn and be challenged well beyond the principles and concepts presented during his conference keynotes or sales workshops, David created SalesCoachCentral.com, a world leading on line membership resource centre that costs less than a $1 per day for annual membership, to help sales managers and salespeople continually develop their skills to find, win and keep clients, manage themselves better and to solve problems creatively.

Supporting over two decades of experience in the fields of organisation and people development, David has degrees in business and human resource development. He holds an MBA, and a Masters Degree in Professional Ethics.

In 2008 David was inducted into the Speaker Hall of Fame by his peers in the professional speaking industry and awarded the 2008 Educator Excellence Award and the much coveted Nevin Award.


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