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At the age of twenty-two Dennis Curyer realised a lot of money was being made selling life insurance - far more than I would ever earn by painting. In 1972 the average wage in Australia was $4,000 per annum, $80 per week. In my first year selling life insurance I earned $16,000, four times more than most Australians were earning.

That was the upside. The downside was it was one of the worst jobs available. We were considered by many as social outcasts. As a life insurance salesman I did it the hard way. As we had moved to Melbourne, I was in a new city with no contacts or friends to prospect among. To prospect I would ring people cold the white pages, I would knock on the doors of flats in high-density areas such as South Yarra, Prahran, and Toorak.

My approach would be, "there have been a number of burglaries in this area lately; this was true do you have your contents insured?" I knew there was no money in contents insurance but it was the excuse I needed to ask them who looked after their life insurance. This was the beginning of many sales and awards including the silver and gold eagle. Other awards included various fully paid overseas trips to U.S.A., Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Canada etc.

I built a profitable business and enjoyed the fruits of success, a large home with acreage, Mercedes Benz and investment properties. My financial planning practice of thousands of clients grew out of this business. Clients who had purchased insurance me twenty-five years ago were now having me do their financial planning. In the year two thousand I followed the feelings of my heart and sold my business. My wife, daughter and I and took a sabbatical to Beirut Lebanon for twelve months. Upon my return I commenced my new business, as The Oracle Speaker. I am now an author who does motivational speaking and training.

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