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Dr. Ross Walker is a prominent cardiologist in Australia with a large presence in the Australian media, appearing regularly on television and Fairfax radio and writes regularly for a variety of publications.

He is a man with a passion for people and health, the author of seven bestselling books on health, lifestyle and stress management. An Honours graduate from the University of New South Wales, Dr Walker's other area of expertise is in the field of preventative cardiology. In this role, Dr Walker also offers a personal consultation combining state-of-the-art non-invasive diagnostic techniques, along with an established set of management guidelines which have proven effectiveness.

Dr Walker's life-changing message is universal and the basis for leading a longer, healthier life. By empowering his audiences along the path to wellness, he is continually praised for the entertaining, emotive style of his presentations. One of the most sought-after corporate speakers and health and lifestyle consultants in throughout the world, Dr Ross Walker works closely with the corporate world on educating staff and executives on the importance of achieving balance in their hectic lives. Everything from stress management, relationships, health and nutrition to striking a balanced way of living,

Dr. Walker is regarded as one of the best presenters in the world. He has had well-regarded corporate dealings with many major companies & organisations in Australia including Tower Insurance, St George Bank, Asteron, AON, AXA and NARTA, to name a few. Dr Walker also has business associations with Blaupunkt Audio, Swisse vitamins, Nathealth Solutions and AudioClinic.

Dr. Walker is a professional speaker with both an Australasian and international reputation. Dr. Walker believes it is important to have a "credible face" who is media and corporate friendly and can promote and explain health at all levels throughout these avenues. It is also important to have an expert instructor who can teach the entire system so that his Wellness package has maximum benefits for the consumer.

Dr. Walker's work is synonymous with prevention of disease, and there can be no more important disease prevention than acute spinal cord injury.


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