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Elliot Epstein asks, 'Who do you need to speak to when you're already good at what you do and want to raise the bar even further?' OK...your business is not broken; revenue and profit figures are not bad but you're now concerned at what's over the horizon - new competitors, staff retention or the board's expectation of higher growth still next year.

Elliot Epstein enables senior managers and sales teams to master the next level of persuasive business communication.in order to drive those bottom line results. You want behavioural change in your team, not material that is 'feel good and forgotten' At your conference you will uncover new, advanced communication techniques and the secrets of persuasive business communication that you can use immediately to help achieve your business goals.

Elliot speaks passionately on the key areas of persuasive communication that affect your bottom line including: 'Win, Grow and Retain more clients' - How to build an emotional connection to strategically win more business and outbid the opposition every time Leadership communication - how to ensure your people buy in to your vision and then walk over hot coals for you The secrets of masterful persuasive presentations - How you can be a powerful presenter who is guaranteed to build rapport with audiences in high stakes, high pressure situations e.g. major sales bid presentations corporate conferences, road shows, analysts briefings, employee seminars Negotiation - Protect your margin - It's about your real, bottom line outcome , not some idealistic Win-Win philosophy


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