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Jackie Stewart was 34 years old when he retired international Formula One Motor Racing after winning three World Championships and a record 27 Grand Prix during a nine year career. His career as a professional racing driver was characterised by an uncompromising attention to detail and total commitment to excellence. Jackie and his eldest son run Paul Stewart Racing, which is involved in the Vauxhall Lotus, British Formula 3 and International Formula 3000 Championships.

During his professional career behind the wheel, this shrewd son of a Dumbarton garage owner was largely responsible for transforming the image of motor racing a specialised, almost amateur, stance to a highly developed level that now matches the most professional sport. He initiated sweeping improvements in safety standards and debunked the myth that racing drivers should be devil-may-care extroverts.

Jackie has successfully made the transition professional sport to international business and commerce. Jackie applied the techniques he learned on the race track to his development work for the Ford Motor Company and continues to carry out rigorous test, research, development and evaluation work on their street machines of the future. He also plays a key role in the technical evolution of road tyres for Brigestone, having virtually written the text book for Grand Prix tyre test programs with the Tyrrell team in the early 1970s. Jackie applies the same principles to the passenger tyre development work.


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