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John Anderson at the age of 22 took 25 Pounds, an idea and created a new product Contiki Holidays, an international brand name which is now a 300 Million Dollar plus business. It is an incredible story.

John built Contiki Holidays through passion, brand and commitment - "we laughed as he spoke, but the passion was strong.....he cried as he delivered parts of the Contiki story, it was moving, empowering and made an impact. He had an idea, a passion, a drive, he made mistakes, he gambled, took risks, but always had a plan. He made something nothing, built on people, a brand and a passion. An international success story, delivered with sincerity, tears and laughs. John Anderson was Richard Branson before Richard Branson."

In 1962 with just 25 pounds New Zealander John Anderson found a way to not only see Europe, but to start his own business, Contiki Holidays. At the age of 22 John left New Zealand for England for a one-year trip overseas. He returned 20 years later with his wife Alison, four children and the international tourism business, Contiki Holidays.

The Contiki story is an incredible story, which remains virtually untold, yet it's a household name in several countries around the world.


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