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In 1995 Justin Herald, founder of Attitude Inc was like any other young person. He was constantly being told he had an "Attitude Problem" ! With only $50 in his pocket and no promising job offers, he thought "stuff it" and decided to set up a company around his "problem".

In true entrepreneurial style, he used his last $50 to buy four blank t-shirts and added the type of slogans that Attitude Inc are now world famous for. In just 5 years, these t-shirts are now part of a clothing range turning over millions of dollars.

Fed up with the way that brand names would dictate on who you had to be to wear their clothes, Justin decided that he would create a label that anyone could wear and more importantly could afford.

The Australian media were quick to catch onto the amazing success of the owner and founder of Attitude Inc comparing him to marketing guru and legend businessman Richard Branson Virgin. Justin is anything but conventional or predictable, making Attitude Inc, the company and label, stand for Individuality and personal freedom. Justin was not about to follow the other clothing brands in Australia.

Today Justin is a highly sought after public speaker, who is constantly working with large and small companies as someone who "walks the talk" and who can motivate staff to achieve their full potential. In fact, it has just been announced that Justin has been awarded the "International Award for Entrepreneurship 2004" presented by Prince Albert In Monte Carlo in October 2004.


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