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Turning Teams Into Champions

How many tasks have you thought were impossible? How many times have you felt there are too many obstacles between you and your goal? A business team, like a sports team, is capable of exceptional performance. You just need the correct tools and, most importantly, the right mentality and vision.

In order to claim gold during an against-all-odds win versus beach volleyball giants Brazil at the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games, Kerri Pottharst and her playing partner Natalie Cook had to overcome their own fear and doubt. Having been defeated 16 out of 17 times by the seemingly unbeatable world champions, the duo needed more than just their finely tuned skills. They needed to find the belief that they could win.

"We'd lined up against them many times and always thought that they were unbeatable," Pottharst explains. "Most of the teams in the world thought the same thing. So when we realised that we only "thought" they were unbeatable, we also realised that there were plenty of other things in our lives that we "thought" were unachievable. One of those things was walking barefoot on hot coals and broken shards of glass!"

Having created one of the most memorable moments of the Olympic Games by winning Gold, Pottharst now takes organisations through the exact same process that took her to the pinnacle of world sport. The powerful session helps staff understand how to overcome fear and doubt, convinces them to push past limitations and bolsters personal belief. And, just as Pottharst's Gold Medal training did, the session ends with delegates being invited to walk over broken glass.


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