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Kevin Lee is one of those amazing success stories we read about. With
over 25yrs in the firing line of sales & management, he has created four
successful small businesses of his own each operating the living
room floor.

A few years ago he accepted a business development role with a
major Australian bank, quickly out performing most other staff across the
country. It wasn't long until he realised he could benefit people much, more if he
were independent of the banks and in May 2000 acquired a franchise in a
new mortgage broking outfit.

Things began to fire immediately - writing $24m in new business in the first 12 months, doubling that the following year and on track to write over $80m this year making him one of the top performers in the country.

The most amazing thing is this - Kevin does all of this a home office.
He has no university qualification or marketing degree. He does not advertise - in any media. His house has no identifying signage, the 'office' phone number is unlisted, and he wears denim jeans to work in winter & shorts in summer - every day.

You see, he creates his business by living a certain 'culture'. In the fastest
growth industry in Australia, with hundreds of banks and financiers and thousands upon thousands of mortgage introducers, Kevin sources most of his business through unsolicited referrals. Delivering business every part of Australia and on to New Zealand, London, Los Angeles & Hong Kong.

You've heard it so many times - the most successful form of marketing is 'word of mouth'. These days to receive an unsolicited referral an existing client, is rare. To create an $80m business built on almost this premise alone is unique. Kevin will inspire you to achieve, with vision, passion, & an uncanny ability to "hustle".


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