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Futurist, Author, Entrepreneur and Expert on the Life Cycle Revolution, Consumer Trends and Generational Marketing

Futurist, Author, Entrepreneur and Expert on the Life Cycle Revolution, Consumer Trends & Generational Marketing.

Maddy Dychtwald is a nationally recognized author, public speaker, marketing executive and entrepreneur. One of the nation's leading authorities on generational marketing, she has been actively involved in analyzing and forecasting lifestyle and consumer marketing trends for seventeen years.

In 1986, she co-founded Age Wave, Inc. with her husband, Ken Dychtwald. Age Wave is the nation's premier think-tank and strategic consulting group focused on boomers and the mature market. During her first decade at Age Wave, she helped grow the company the ground up to a multi-million dollar enterprise with a reputation as the best in its field.

Maddy is the author of Cycles: How We Will Live, Work, and Buy (published February 2003, Free Press/Simon & Schuster). Being described as the "Megatrends for the twenty-first century," Cycles offers a new view of how Americans live, work and buy with profound implications for the marketplace, the workplace and our lives.

Maddy has delivered speeches to more than 200,000 business leaders worldwide, including a diverse group of clients such as Allegiance Healthcare, Allstate Insurance, Blue Cross of California, Chevron, Direct Marketing Association, IAI Mutual Funds, International Council of Shopping Centers, International Foundation of Employer Benefit Plans, National Association of Educators, New Balance Athletic Shoes, Washington Wine Commission, and Touchstone Mutual Funds. Her sought-after presentations combine provocative information with exciting and entertaining multi-media imagery.

In keeping with the cyclic life pattern herself, Maddy recently cycled back to resume her position at Age Wave as senior vice president.

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