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There was a controversial but defining moment during the brilliant 2005 Australian Idol Finals when Mark Holden confronted the ever-popular Lee Harding. Mark, disillusioned by Lee's flippant attitude towards the powerful lyrics of Green Day's Holiday, proudly displayed his passion for music not just the glitz, glamour and sweet voices, but the power of a song's sentiment. It seems that despite mastering virtually every facet of the music industry, deep down, Mark Holden is a still a huge fan.

Mark is the link that holds the judging panel together, complementing Kyle's marketing savvy and Marcia's technical knowledge by being the only judge who has successfully reached the top of the industry as both a performer and producer. In the mid-70s, it seemed that every girl in Australia was enamoured with his smooth voice, swooning as the carnation-wielding star sang hits like Never Gonna Fall in Love Again, Last Romance and Hey My Love. Television stardom and Logie awards followed. That would have been enough for most budding stars but Mark's influence on the music industry had just begun.


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