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Born in 1976 in South Perth Mark Sheen graduated Wesley College in 1993 and continued his sports in Rowing and long distance runing. In 1997 Mark Graduated Notre Dame with a Commerce degree.

After learning the ropes in New Zealand Mark arrived back in Perth with a very strong interest in Mountaineering. Between work as an accountant and diverse roles on various industrial and mining sites across Western Australia he went on my first trip to the big mountains in the Karakorum range in Pakistan in 2001 on a 7027m mountain expedition. This expedition went well and so his climbing in the high mountains interest was confirmed and the idea to climb Everest was born.

After spending several years training and hiking in many parts of Australia, and some occasional overseas trips training and during this some very big hurdles to overcome he finally managed to get back to the himalayas on his first 8000m peak known as Broad Peak in Pakistan.

In April 2007 Mark left for Everest the Tibet side and after a long wait at Advance basecamp he managed to reach the summit on June 5 just before sunrise and only with his Sherpa.

Now, in August 2008 Mark has just returned a very long and hard trip to K2-the worlds second highest peak, and one of the hardest. Unfortunately he was witness to distasterous events on K2 but also learnt much this journey.

Already there is another adventure planned in the very near future for future desert long distance travel which is another interest of Mark after he walked across the top of Oman in 2006.

Mark shares these amazing experiences and the lessons learnt to the wide ausiences he presents to some including: West Coast Eagles Football Club, Murdoch University, Austal Ships, Fremantle Football Club, Perth Rotary Club, Wesley College, National Young Leaders day Conference, Rocky Bay Charity and Riding for Disabled Association of WA among the many dozens of presentations, dazzling with amazing accounts and exceptional video and photography he has managed to capture of the extroadinary locations he has visited.


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