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Matt is the founder of the Global Thought Leaders Movement and creator of the Million Dollar Expert Program (tm). He is the author of 5 books including Thought Leaders and his latest Sell Your Thoughts.

Born in Newcastle in 1968 he studied applied science at NSW University. He has managed pubs, run fitness centres and conducted health education programs in some major NSW prisons. He was the director of education for A.C.H.P.E.R fitness leader courses for several years and was the master trainer for Step Reebok throughout the ASIA pacific. In 1993 he was recognised as the Australian Fitness Leader of the year. He built and sold Australia's first personal training studio. As Matt says though that was a lifetime ago.

With the launch of his international best seller The Chemistry of Success Matt was launched as a corporate conference speaker and for most of the 90's he delivered more than 100 presentations a year to audiences packed to the rafters. During this time the meetings industry recognised Matt several times as one of the top 10 speakers in Australia. He still speaks to this day but now delivers a sensible 30 or so speeches. Just last year he spoke in New Orleans to 30,000 people and in Tokyo to more than 14,000 under simultaneous translation to receive a 3 minute long standing ovation. The international speaking community recognised him as one of the 25 most influential people in the speaking profession.

Since 2001 Matt has dedicated the majority of his time to building Thought Leaders Global. Thought Leaders is a network organisation with staggering growth and revenue projections. It deliver a curriculum that helps clever people be commercially smart and is built around a leadership team of mentors (50 strong at time of writing in 5 countries). The community of cross category, multi disciplinary thinkers come together to have inspired conversations that "˜rock the planet'. The level of conversation and quality of thinking when the community come together is magnificent.


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