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Mike Reiss has won four Emmys and a Peabody Award during his fifteen years writing for "The Simpsons". He is a co-writer on "The Simpsons Movie" coming in July 2007, and was a contributing writer to the films "Ice Age 1 & 2".

Reiss co-created the animated series "The Critic" (starring Jon Lovitz), and created Showtime's hit cartoon "Queer Duck" (starring a gay duck).

"Queer Duck" earned rave reviews from The New York Times, Entertainment Weekly, the gay press and Howard Stern. It was recently named one of "The 100 Greatest Cartoons of All Time" by the BBC. A feature film version was released in July 2006.

Reiss's other TV credits include "It's Garry Shandling's Show", "ALF", and "The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.

His caveman detective story "Cro-Magnon P.I." won an Edgar Award as Best First Mystery. He also wrote the best-selling children's book "How Murray Saved Christmas", soon to be a feature film from Nickelodeon. Other children's books include "Santa Claustrophobia", and the award-winning "Late for School".

As a professional speaker, Reiss has lectured at over one hundred colleges and institutions, on four continents. His topics include "The Simpsons", comedy and Judaism, gay cartoons, and the sorry state of television. Reiss is a former president of "The Harvard Lampoon" and editor of "The National Lampoon".

He is married (happily) and lives in Los Angeles (sadly).

"Simpsons Family Values"
"The Simpsons and Other Gentiles I've Known" (for Jewish and interfaith groups)
"Bart's Billions: Secrets of TV's Most Profitable Show"
"My Life in Queertoons"
"How to Write Children's Books"


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