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Broadcaster, filmmaker, author, archaeologist, controversialist, social commentator and satirist, Phillip Adams was elected one of Australia's 100 National Living Treasures in the inaugural poll conducted by The National Trust (NSW).

For almost 50 years, Adams' columns in major newspapers and magazines have provoked discussion and outrage. He is in constant demand as a speaker, chairman and moderator at public and private sector conferences. In his speaking engagements, broadcasts and writing Phillip tackles the urgent questions facing society in the 21st century using wit, humour and provocative opinions to challenge thought and stimulate debate.

Billed as the godfather of the Australian film industry, Adams' features include The Adventures of Barry McKenzie, Don's Party, The Getting of Wisdom, Lonely Hearts and We of the Never Never. His television programs include two series of The Big Questions with Professor Paul Davies and Death and Destiny, filmed in Egypt with Paul Cox.

As a consultant to prime ministers and premiers, Adams played a key role in the establishment of the Australia Council, the Australian Film Development Corporation, the Australian Film Commission, the South Australian Film Corporation (which became a model for similar organisations in most states) and the Australian Film Finance Corporation.


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