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Rachael Bermingham, bestselling author and inspiring motivational Mum, has over 20 years combined experience in personal development, business, core life, time management and goal strategizing.

Before achieving great business success, Rachael started at an all time low point; she had debt well over $200k losses incurred the Travel Agency she opened just 3 months prior to the terrorist attacks of September 11. Picking herself up and brushing off the negatives, Rachael put her natural talents for marketing, creative writing and business savvy into action and now spearheads 4 successful businesses.

With no marketing diploma, she used a combination of common sense, curiosity, desire and intuition and great customer relations to successfully build highly profitable entities such as 4 Ingredients - the cookbook she co authored that made it to a bestseller in 1 single day, and then went onto sell over 50,000 copies in just 11 weeks, Read My Lips & L.I.P.S motivational book and seminars series for women, Marketing To Success her own consulting firm which helps others build their businesses on low cost marketing and business strategies, and each of these businesses started a $0 budget.

Her belief in what others can achieve, as well as her contagious passion and enthusiasm, motivates her clients and audience into action to transform their own dreams into a reality. Her honesty in sharing her own story Hairdresser, to Shark Diver, Travel Agent to Bestselling Author, her generosity in imparting her knowledge and strategies for moving forward and achieving success is inspirational and motivational which is why she is consistently booked to speak for groups and businesses.

Popular for her passion, enthusiasm, openness, entrepreneurial spirit and unique talent for thinking outside of the box, she shares all of her life and balance tip as well as how she has built several businesses a ZERO dollar budget.

An energetic Mum, Wife, Author, Speaker and Business Woman, Rachael is featured weekly on radio, in newspapers and magazines in addition to being featured on various TV programs such as Sunrise, Mornings with Kerri-Anne, The Great South East and Brisbane Extra. Just nominated again for Business Woman of the Year, she is an incredible role model successfully balancing her personal and professional by utilising the strategies and actions she advocates.

Rachael is renowned for her impromptu brainstorming and creativity, she focuses on real solutions and strategies that have worked for her and been instrumental in her own and others lives to accomplish life long goals. Audiences love her spontaneity while masterminding and engaging her audience to think differently, self motivate and take the action needed to get what they want.

Topics Include:

* How to self motivate.
* How to Transform Your Goals into Achievements
* How Using Your Intuition Can Be Profitable
* Overcoming Challenges and Succeeding
* Time Management and Life Balance - How to Fit Everything in - Even Time for You!


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