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A million and a half Australians read the Melbourne Herald Sun every day, making it the country's biggest newspaper by far. And once a week they delight in the lively, witty Marketeer column written by Ray Beatty.

Like his writings, Ray is an amusing and deeply knowledgeable speaker on the broad topics of advertising and marketing. In his 40-year career he went from journalist to top creative in some of the country's leading advertising agencies like Leo Burnett and Ogilvy and Mather.

For 25 years he ran his own agency, Beatty Marketing Solutions, with clients as big as Telstra, Brumby's Bread and NEC, to small and obscure ones like Mod-Tap datacoms, Drytron carpet cleaners and Whittle mining.

This has given him a breadth of knowledge and understanding about the business of marketing.

How to win even if you don't have the biggest budget. How to make the most of the resources you already have. What are the blind spots in your campaign that - if only you knew them - could push your sales to greater success?

He is still called in by companies and advertising agencies as a consultant but much of his energy is devoted to journalism, like his regular features in Anthill Magazine, and speaking engagements.

Programs like The Gruen Transfer have lifted the skirts of advertising and marketing and revealed the fascinating mechanics and psychology underneath. Ray whips the dress right off!

He talks about advertising, agencies and marketing from the insider's perspective. Why some campaigns work and most don't. How companies need to bring discipline to the planning process - and then freewheeling creativity to communicating their message.

Interwoven in his talks is a wealth of knowledge, anecdotes, examples from the past and the present - all delivered with a great sense of humour.

He also insists on going in with a well-researched understanding of your objectives for the event. In many ways his talk is the skilful advertising campaign you want to communicate your message and motivate your audience.

Take a look at some of Ray's recent columns to see his mixture of humour, experience and wisdom. Notice how wide-ranging are the topics and the depth of his knowledge. He is a speaker who will make your night.


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