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'International Time Management Specialist'

Back in the late 1980's Robyn Pearce, as a solo mother of 6 and burnt out real estate agent, learnt her time management skills the hard way! Once she'd conquered her own bad habits, people started beating a path to her door for help.

Speech Titles:

Since 1992, as an interactive and practical speaker she has been delighting audiences all around Australia, New Zealand, Asia and further afield with titles such as:

- 'How to Work Smart, Not Hard'
- 'Getting a Grip on Time'
- 'Getting a Grip on Work/Life Balance'
- 'You Too Can Win the Paper War'
- 'From Gumboots to the Boardroom' (Her journey country girl to solo parent beneficiary, and now to successful author and international speaker.)

High content and interactivity: Robyn's practical and common sense approach to time usage and associated subjects such as work/family balance, delegation, email management, paper and information overload has helped hundreds of thousands of people improve productivity.

Clients today demand practical content their people can immediately apply. Robyn fits this brief perfectly. Audiences constantly say, 'That was the most practical session on the agenda - I could have listened to you for hours. What's more, I've put some things into practice and they really work!' She builds rapport with audiences very quickly and specialises in interaction - within minutes they feel as though she really understands their problems.


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