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Colin Pearce is "Mr Instant Results". Whether you invite him to speak on sales, customer service, leadership, or personal motivation, each topic gets you immediate returns.

- If you book Colin to speak on Add-on sales, you can expect to get your money back the first day your people put his methods into practice. (See the testimonials).

- If he speaks on Customer Service, his catchy slogans and forehead slapping reminders will be bouncing off your walls for months, starting right there at your conference.

- His leadership presentations and workshops have people rattling the cage to get out and make his ideas work as fast as they can - usually discussing the topic for hours into the night the day they hear him.

- Colin's motivational presentation, "You are Ten Times Better than You Think" makes their sides hurt and their heads spin. They'll be humming his mad tunes, reciting his classic sayings and remembering his message for months.

We hear hear sales managers and CEOs that within a day of the meeting where Colin speaks, their sales go up, motivation goes up, morale goes up and profit goes up.

Colin was inducted into the Australian Speakers Hall of Fame in 2007. He's been speaking and training on sales, customer service and leadership since 1982. His video training programs, books and CDs have sold in their tens of thousands all over the world. He's a story teller, ventriloquist, a singer, and a humorous speaker with business savvy and personal insight.

A former teacher of the deaf, theology major, TV writer, producer and presenter and gifted salesman, Colin treasures his 35 year marriage to Christine and their four successful adult children with families of their own.

Why not get him to MC as well as give a presentation? He's been MCing major events professionally since he was 16 years old.

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