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By becoming the first Australian to win a football scholarship in the States and be drafted into the NFL, Colin Scotts embarked on a road that would deliver some great times - money, travel, women, good mates - but also some setbacks and disasters.

Colin grew up in Sydney. His skill at rugby led him to become the first Australian to win a football scholarship in the United States.
He was also the first Australian to be drafted into the American National Football League (NFL). In a country where success is measured in dollars, statistics and TV ratings, Colin made it, making a few friends and a few enemies in his ten year gridiron career.

A sudden freak injury meant his retirement the sport however, he stayed on in the States, living the high life, becoming a successful businessman, and taking on the world as a WWF pro-wrestler.

Back home in Sydney for the Olympics he once again experienced Australia's unique spirit and passion which makes it the envy of the world. But as the visitors went home he began also to see that that spirit was being eroded in a world of growing stress, insecurity and fear. His country was at the crossroads. The defining Aussie values of humour, courage and a fair go which got him through his darkest days in America now seemed to rack his countrymen with self doubt. Were we losing it?

Colin is passionate that it is time to reignite the best qualities in all of us and export them to the world. The same spirit which saved the Olympics could save everyone.

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