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Grace Gawler has lived with Cancer for over 30 years, BUT she's never had it!

The charismatic healer's path began when she helped her then husband Ian - a vet, discover a range of 'alternate' and traditional therapeutic treatments that
extended his life three decades beyond the original dire diagnosis.

As a world renowned and pioneering healer, health and wellness advocate, author, therapist, naturopathic philosopher and speaker, Grace Gawler has helped over 12,000 people, mostly women, make their 'cancer healing journey' less traumatic and even enlightening.
Her best selling book, Women of Silence - Reconnecting with the Emotional Healing of Breast Cancer, is the definitive book on cancer and women.

On her own remarkable journey, Grace overcame near death health challenges with a World first bionic implant.

In Europe she is known as the 'Bionic Woman' and renowned globally for her holistic approach to wellbeing and her expertise in showing people how to live with cancer, care for others with the disease and prevent it. She believes that Cancer is a word not a sentence!

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