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Jason McCartney became the hero of the horrific Bali Bombings; the embodiment of the Australian 'never say die' attitude.

Despite suffering second degree burns to over 50% of his body, he believed others to be in more pain that him and set about helping those around him, rescuing two sisters in the process. He then gave up his seat on the plane to a fellow bombing victim. Upon returning home, he was almost unrecognizable to his parents, and the injuries to his body turned out to be more severe than he thought. He spent the following week in a coma with the last rites being administered to him.

However, through resolute determination, he survived and made it to his wedding on time. After months of rehabilitation, Jason McCartney took to the football field for one last time with the numbers 88/202 stitched on his Guernsey (to commemorate the 80 Australians, and 202 people killed in the Bali Bombings). He was instrumental in a 3 point win for the Kangaroos over the Richmond Tigers. After the game, he announced his retirement, as the horrific injuries and rehabilitation had taken their toll on his body.

Following his retirement, Jason McCartney wrote a book titled 'After Bali'; an account of his harrowing ordeal. He is occasionally boundary rider for the Channel Nine coverage of the AFL and has become an popular motivational speaker in Australia.

For the 2008 AFL season, Jason McCartney has ed the Carlton Football Club as a development coach.

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