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Jasper Becker provides a wealth of insight on the rise of China and the impact this is having on its neighbours and trading partners. His travels to every corner of China and a series of well researched books have made the author a highly sought after speaker.

Entertaining, candid and often irreverent about the realities of China, he is regularly called on to brief economists economists, invest-ment fund managers, diplomats, investors and others about the possibilities and limits to change in. He has been invited to speak in Washington, Los Angeles, London, Singapore, Bangkok and Hong Kong at conferences in security issues, economic macro trends, and increasingly about the future of China in the 21 st century.

His research into the burgeoning problems of environmental management, resettlement, urbanisation which has appeared in publications like National Geographic puts a broader and qualitative perspective on China's high growth rates. His range of expertises covers not just the rising urban consumer classes, the state-owned industries, foreign investment and fiscal reform but also less publicised changes to the health and legal systems, the reform of the bureaucracy, and the challenges facing the hundreds of millions of rural poor.

Groundbreaking historical research in works like Hungry Ghosts , a set text in many university courses, enable the speaker to put current trends in a wider historical context.

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