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Introducing Perry Cross

"Your potential is endless,
whatever your situation...Lets get moving!"

These words are on this remarkable young Australian's business card and they pretty well sum up this highly acclaimed motivational speaker.

For someone whose physical situation doesn't afford the luxury of much movement, Perry Cross is one of the world's most motivating movers, having travelled across Australia - and across the world - his powerful message reaching thousands who believe anything is possible!

A rugby tackle in 1994, at the age of 19, left Perry Cross a profoundly disabled quadriplegic, unable to move and on a life support machine... with a team of 9 around-the-clock medical carers at his side. Faced with a life of oblivion - he made an immensely courageous choice to 'get moving'.

The challenge lay before him - the fight to live, then to talk and eventually to live outside the hospital.

He not only achieved this - but has excelled in life ever since. He's been heralded by media worldwide as a tremendous role model for the human spirit in overcoming the odds.

Perry's message is simply powerful, and powerfully simple.

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