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Davies was once described by the Washington Times as "the best science writer on either side of the Atlantic". His books explain advanced scientific conceots in simple terms, and explore the philosophical consequences of the latest ideas at the forefront of reaearch. He likes to focus on the deep questions of existence, such as how the universe came into existence and how it will end, the nature of human consciousness, the possibility of time travel, the relationship between physics and biology, the status of the laws of physics and the interface of science and religion. He has also written a science fiction novel called Fireball.

With longstanding experience in television and radio, Davies currently averages several appearances per week in various countries. Notable among his contributions to radio were a series of 45 minute science documentaries made for BBC Radio 3, and subsequently repeated on ABC. Two of these documentaries became highly successful books and one, "Desperately Seeking Superstrings", won the Glaxo Science Writers Fellowship. His television work has ranged chat shows to scripting and presenting various documantaries.

Davies' commitment to bringing science to the wider public includes a heavy program of public lecturing in Australia, Europe and the United States. In addition to addressing scientific topics, Davies also lectures to religious organisations around the world, and has had meetings with the Pope and the Dalai Lama. He frequently debates science and religion with theologians.

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