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Change management specialist

Sally Browne's achievements cover a broad spectrum. Everything from building a multi-million dollar fashion empire, to winning a myriad of awards for excellence in design and business leadership. She also worked in Finland with Polar, developing the first heart rate stress monitor.

In the late 90's Sally Browne went for "˜a bit of a stroll' in the Everest Region to overcome her fear of heights.

'Don't let fear get in the way of your dream! No matter if your dream is conquering Everest, starting a business, building a better relationship, pursuing your chosen path, having a baby or writing 'that' book, just don't let fear get in the way of your dream!'

At a personal level, Sally Browne is committed to encouraging and mentoring the next wave of business leaders.

In the 1990's Sally Browne was the founder of the Business World Young Heroes Awards. The criteria of the awards are to salute and reward young business people that pursue their goals and take the leap of faith with self-belief to launch and succeed with their business dream.

Sally is also co-founder of "˜women in high heels', a group of high profile businesswomen with a social conscience. Sally is also an Ambassador for Museum Victoria, and an Australia Day Ambassador and she serves on a number of committees and is involved in fundraising for many charities.

Sally is an expert in managing change and offers fresh insights into future opportunities, current possibilities and strategies to be victors of change, not victims of change.

Sally Browne believes success in our personal life or our business life happens by choice, not chance. Her presentations have motivated thousands to review, re-evaluate and reinvigorate their business and personal lives in Australia and New Zealand.

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