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Terry Williams has a degree in history and a post-graduate degree in management, but his trade is as a trainer. His view is that the techniques of training and learning are the most useful management skills. On the comedy side, he finds it all the more powerful if a funny story can weave some learning within the entertainment.

If you're organising an event to set goals, solve problems, celebrate success or launch a product, then you want that event to inspire your people, have them talking about it afterwards and energised to achieve their goals. Maybe you're organising a gathering to present dry or complex information and your people really need to 'get' it? Terry Williams hosts such events, grabbing attention before and between your business presentations so your people listen, retaining your key messages and information. He doesn't just introduce speakers and thank the caterers for bringing a plate. He adds value, influencing the state of your audience with a series of fun interactivities to optimise the environment for you and your speakers.

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