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TIM ELLIS is not only the sole Australian ever to win two awards at The FISM World Championships of Magic, he's considered by his peers to be one of the most creative and entertaining magicians in the world.

Known within the magic industry as "The genius from downunder", Tim is in constant demand to perform at corporate events, but also to lecture at magic conferences and seminars all over the planet. In 2006 the highly regarded "˜Dictionnaire de la Prestidigitation' was released and Tim was one of only two living Australian magicians to be included in this world history book of magic spanning the centuries - along with Orson Welles, Houdini, David Copperfield and Siegfried & Roy. In the book 'Deceptions Downunder', magic historian Brian McCullagh said "Tim Ellis is a commercial success, supports organized magic to the hilt and is a fervent supporter of "Magic Downunder". His contributions to magic in Australia cannot be measured."

Teller, of Penn & Teller, said "He generously nurtures all sorts of magic and has the mind of an evil elf!"

Since being given a magic set by his grandfather when he was 10 years old, Tim has breathed new life into the ancient art with his delicious blend of comedy and hyperactive spontaneity. His uniquely interactive approach instantly bonds him to audiences of all ages and nationalities and has taken him from the Crown Casino, Melbourne, to the Riviera Casino, Las Vegas, from the Sullivan St Playhouse, Broadway, to Le Double Fond, Paris, from theatre seasons in Hong Kong to multiple seasons at Hollywood's famous Magic Castle. He has won more awards for his mind-blowing magic than any other Australian in history including "˜Best Stage Magician in Australia', "˜Best Close up Magician in Australia', and voted "˜Most Valuable Participant' and the FFFF Invitation Only Close Up Magic Convention in New York. He also holds a Guinness World Record for the longest non-stop magic show ever... 75 hours!

His life has been a roller coaster ride of magical adventures. Tim has been buried alive, escaped from a wooden crate at the bottom of the Yarra River, freed himself from straitjackets hundreds of feet above city streets, and driven a $100,000 sports car while blindfolded. He has published magic magazines, produced magic conferences and seminars, consulted for film and television, run several magic schools, appeared in a variety of movies, been profiled in several books, produced a television variety series, released over twenty DVDs, and he even owned and ran the iconic Bernard's Magic Shop for several years.

Recently, Tim was diagnosed as having Asperger's Syndrome, and he explores the positives and negatives of the condition in an autobiographical one-man show "˜AspyCadabra' as well as working with Swinburne University on their ongoing project "˜Aspergion'.

Tim is currently the Artistic Director of the hugely successful "˜Melbourne Magic Festival' and lives in a converted broom factory in inner Melbourne with two rainbow lorikeets Sir Spectrum Sparks and Jackie the Bandit. He plays poker in his spare time.

Close up Magic - In 1997 Tim won the Silver Medal at the FISM World Championships for Close Up Magic with "˜Runaround Sue', his take on the ancient cups and balls trick, which is now recognised as one of the very best routines of all time. Whether he is performing a Close Up Show for your guests in an intimate setting, or mingling with your clients over cocktails, you can rest assured they are being entertained by one of the world's true masters of the art.

Picture the looks of wonder and amazement on the faces of your guests as Tim changes the time on their watches without even touching them, finds hundred dollar bills in dinner rolls, and causes a diamond ring to vanish and reappear attached to his car keys!

How good is Tim's Close Up Magic? At the Society of American Magicians national convention in Milwaukee, Tim received not one but two standing ovations during his 8 minute act from over 1500 magicians from all over the world.

Comedy Stage Show - When Tim Ellis performs he doesn't just tell jokes and do tricks, he involves the entire audience as he performs magic that is so amazing audiences literally talking about it for years later. Tim Ellis has been described as "crazy", "hyperactive", "hilarious", "inspiring", "unpredictable" and "absolutely amazing!" In his Comedy Magic Show he's all that and much, much more! The comedy comes from the audience members Tim invites up on stage, who always end up looking like the stars of the show!

Tim will borrow a hundred dollar bill, have it signed and destroyed only to reappear in an hilariously unexpected location! He opens, empties and crushes and can of soda only to have it visually uncrush, reseal and refill itself in full view. An effect so devastating that David Blaine featured it on his television special and it became a worldwide sensation.

Tim has over ten hours of world class material to choose from, and he's creating astonishing new effects all the time, so your guests will never see the same show twice and you can even request your favourite tricks and Tim will customise the show especially for you.

Grand Illusion Show - When you really want to impress your guests, Tim will bring out his Grand Illusions: levitations, transformations, appearances, vanishes and dismemberments!
Find out why Ray Martin calls him "One of the world's best illusionists" and David Copperfield said "Man, you rocked the house!"

Tim will create a customised show filled with large scale illusions perfectly selected to suit your staging and your budget. From producing his beautiful assistant from a literal puff of smoke, to levitating her on a microphone stand, crushing her to 30 centimetres tall, or instantly switching places with her in a feat that would make Houdini jealous... Tim will leave your guests with their jaws on the floor.

He can even make your CEO or special guest speaker magically appear!

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