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Zuza took a long time to complete her MA: unable to decide on her degree she kept jumping form Media Studies, through Management to Maori Studies, while committing all other Gen Y sins like moving in and out of the parental home and job hopping.

"What a typical Gen Y!" some would say, but throughout this whole time Zuza was very focused on becoming a successful journalist, writer and professional speaker.

Up until now she has written for a number of New Zealand and overseas publications and she has become the New Zealand correspondent for Poland's three largest magazines. After the huge success of her unique Polish, anonymous blogging website she has recently launched its English version, attracting hundreds of readers everyday. She has also been the presenter, scriptwriter, co-director and producer of hugely popular TV documentaries and reports and has written and directed two plays, including the sell out success The Meat Queue.

As a professional speaker Zuza focuses on Generation Y, helping companies to understand their young staff and teaching them how to get the best their young employees.

Most Gen Y "experts" talk about the 'them and us' phenomenon, and theorise about this generation's thoughts and attitudes. Zuza doesn't speak theory, she knows about Gen Y because she IS Gen Y. She knows the topic the inside out, she lives and breathes it, she understand their thinking, their ideas and their motivations because they are her own. The experiences of the last 9 years have put her on both sides of the divide: on one hand as a demanding, overconfident and unrealistic Gen Y employee, teammate and student. On the other hand as a director and producer of TV and theatre projects, as Production Manager for The University of Auckland Summer Shakespeare, recruiting and managing fickle young staff.

Zuza knows what she's talking about when it comes to Generation Y and as a Gen Y herself she brings a sense of energy and enthusiasm to the conference program.

Zuza was recently invited to share her knowledge of the Gen Y mindset on NZ National Radio and she is currently in the process of writing a book about Generation Y.

Zuza speaks Polish, English and French and has an MA the University of Auckland.


"Y'd Awake" Keynote is every employer's Gen Y manual. It provides them with a in-depth understanding of why Gen Y are the way they are and gives practical solutions on how to effectively attract, retain and make the most of Generation Y employees.

"Y Bother?" Keynote is for Gen Y employees. Not only it helps them to understand their more senior managers' and teammates', motivations and approaches, but it also puts them face to face with their own worse shortcomings (like impatience, demanding attitude or job hopping) that drive them and get in a way of achieving.

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