The pursuit of flawless execution.


Afterburner are a team of fighter pilots who can unlock the high performance person hidden inside all of us. Imagine achieving your goals 98% of the time. Afterburner is a high-performing team of men and women who are real-life fighter pilots and military aviators. The Afterburner pilots are incredibly passionate about helping people learn and apply the tactics they use every day to achieve a consistent mission success rate of 98%.

A fighter pilots’ workplace is like no other. They operate in rapidly changing, complex and sometimes hostile environments. Yet, they consistently excel in achieving successful outcomes- they’ve developed the winners habit, and so can you.
Each fighter pilot is the product of a $15 million training program that pushes them to the limit of mental and physical performance. They’ll share with you the four key secrets to increasing your performance and success rates by up to three times, what they call “3X”.

Current Work:
Afterburner’s lead speaker, facilitator and coach, Christian “Boo” Boucousis CSP, was a fighter pilot for 11 years before becoming a successful entrepreneur and published author. With a passion for start-ups, growth and focusing on what makes people tick, he delivers a powerful human centric message through his company Afterburner Australia. He works with a team of men and women, each with over 15 years experience as military aviators and leaders to deliver the most authentic performance program anywhere in the world

Boo’s Message:
Knowing how to create situational awareness or “clarity” to enable the optimum performance of all the people and teams within your organisation. Boo is a Certified Speaking Professional and delivers his impactful message through the lessons he learned in a high-performance jet fighter Squadron and as a business founder and owner for over 25 years.


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