Alan Oxley

Getting Asian engagement right.


Alan Oxley is a leading international trade expert. He has presented at US international trade for a on Trump trade policy and to UK think tanks on BREXIT and to APEC conferences. He contends threats from Washington DC and Beijing to Australian trade are overstated, but occasionally arise. Global trade structures are not crumbling but some economies are. Dealings with China require care. So does Australia’s leading export – minerals, which generate 80 % of Australian exports. Australia’s trade diplomacy is sophisticated.

In Victoria, leading exports are education and tourism. In some markets, like the US, Australian foreign investment is more important than trade. Alan has been active in APEC since its inception in 1988 but warns many Asian markets, such as Indonesia, are difficult to enter.
He is a regular analyst in The Australian, the Financial Review, Sky News and ABC as well as the London Daily Telegraph and the Wall Street Journal. A Monash graduate, Alan was a diplomat in Singapore, and the UN, then Ambassador to and Chair of the GATT, predecessor to the World Trade Organization, before establishing ITS Global.


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