Alicia Lillington

Thought Leader in Technology, Change and Culture


Alicia Louise Lillington is an acclaimed technology, culture and change management leader.

As a young female executive in the technology industry, Alicia empowers others to embrace change where culture meets technology.
She is recognised as an intellectual and cultural leader, with experience building a vibrant and extended community of allies, supporters and champions.

Current Work:

Based in Canberra, Alicia works as a Change and Communications Lead on high-profile projects across the Australian Public Service. She has delivered speeches to 40 agencies across the Commonwealth and all ministerial offices, having even received a letter from former Australian Prime Minister John Howard for exceptional service delivery.

In addition to her impressive career, Alicia has mentored over 300 individuals, delivered more than 240 speeches and provided corporate training to over 27,250 people across high-profile organisations. Alicia is passionate about the importance of diversity and how you can use your point of difference to develop a compelling personal brand. With an ever-evolving digital landscape, her ethos is to keep studying, understanding and learning about technology.


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