Allan Bolton

Feel alive, don't just stay alive.


Clever organisations know that the key to growing and sustaining a high performance business is to look after its power source – its people.

Allan Bolton – The People’s Renewable Energy Man is recognised internationally as an expert in the areas of health, lifestyle, motivation and human performance. He is a presenter who powers up lives and performance.

Current work
As a scientist he knows what works but perhaps even more importantly, he can translate the latest research into terms everyone can understand. And crucially, he’s a really funny guy – perhaps the key asset in inspiring and re-energizing his audiences!

His presentations embrace his belief that the key to achieving and maintaining peak personal and business performance is sustaining and capitalising on good health.

His achievements in business and human performance are equally as impressive.

Allan was the first person in the world with insulin dependent diabetes to complete an Ironman Triathlon – and has completed over 100 other alpine, water and road-based endurance events around the world.

In business, Allan developed the series of health and fitness courses that set the standard in 42 countries for professional accreditation in the Fitness Industry. He was the co-developer of the internationally acclaimed GutBusters Waist Loss Program for Men, and the key developer of the Australasian Weight Watchers for Men Program.

In 1997 he was recognised with the prestigious ‘Australian Fitness Leader of the Year’ award.

Allan motivates and inspires his audiences with his positive ‘can do’ message from someone who really has ‘done it’. His core message relates to improving personal and business performance.


Talking Points
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Gender, Attitudes and Health
Managing Your Health to Maximise Your Business
People Powering Business
Power Your People, Boost Your Business
Recharge, Perform and Grow
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