Allana Corbin

The sky is not the limit.


Adventurer, storyteller, and inspirational speaker, Allana Corbin (nee Arnot) shares her experiences and journeys to the delight of young and old alike.

Allana Corbin’s story is a thriller of adventure, danger, tragedy and love. She delivers an inspirational story, touching the hearts of all who listen. Allana is the survivor of a tragic plane crash in 1990. Prior to the crash she was a flying enthusiast. Her passion for flying began at the age of eighteen with her first ride in a hot air balloon. Soon she was parachute jumping and flying planes, enjoying life from above.

Allana Corbin’s life was turned upside down though, in 1990. She was one of only two survivors of a crew who were,incredibly, on a search and rescue mission themselves. She was trapped in the wreckage for three excruciating hours while four of her friends died before her eyes. Her injuries were horrific and she was told she would never walk again. Almost unbelievably, twelve months of intensive effort and rehabilitation paid off and Allana said goodbye to her wheelchair for good. She could now walk with the aid of callipers on her legs and two walking sticks. While, however, the physical scars had begun to heal, the emotional scars had not and Allana began a spiral dive into depression even contemplating suicide.

Drawing from her strength and determination, Allana overcame these obstacles inspirationally. One of the biggest challenges was the fear of flying which had, understandably developed. As was becoming her trademark, she did not accomplish this with small steps, but in grand fashion – standing on the wing of a plane 1,000 ft in the air! She then went on to earn a helicopter licence and went on to become the first woman to circumnavigate Australia solo.

As an acclaimed author and presenter, she inspires audiences to rise up to challenges, strive through hard times, and enjoy life to the fullest. As a keynote speaker and presenter, she delivers an experience not to be missed.