Amanda Gore

Motivational Speaker, Communications & Performance Expert.


Amanda Gore is CEO of The Joy Project, an author, speaker, Huffington Post columnist and business woman. She is one of 4 Australians inducted into the USA Speaker Hall of Fame.

She works with small and large organisations like Flight Centre, McDonalds, Westpac, AMP, MDRT, CBA, Google, Remax, Disney, Hilton, The Direct Selling and many other associations, hospitals and schools to help them create cultures of joy and engagement and to bring the humanity back into their organisations.

As a communications and performance expert, Amanda believes success in business is always about feelings – the the way we feel about a product, organization or person influences how we behave and informs our decisions about how we spend, or who we conduct business with.

Her presentations are engaging and very funny experiences that embed powerful and relevant messages that are tailored to your desired outcomes.

All people can change – it’s whether they want to change or not that makes the difference.

In fact, discovering ‘what’s the difference that makes the difference’ in performance, success, sales and life is her passion. She constantly research and explores the latest science and ideas and marries them with emotion and the heart – then wraps them in stories that make people laugh! So in between laughter, she can embed profound messages that allow them to want to make changes – at work and home.

Too often the content is king at conferences, and although it’s critical, nothing changes till people are inspired to change by ‘getting real’. As an Aussie, it’s to have fun, get real and wake them up!!

She demonstrates how people can re-connect to the energy and emotional layers that really drive performance, innovation, relationships, engagement and creativity in their business and personal life utilizing positive psychology, epigenetics and emotional intelligence.

Previous experience:

In between delivering an average of 60 presentations in Australia and the US every year Amanda has written five books, produced several DVD and audio visual training programs and has accumulated over one million views on her YouTube channel.


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