Andrew Lee

Measurable, behavioural change.


Passionate about people and curious about the world, Andrew Lee’s diverse life experiences have enabled him to connect to groups around the globe with a powerful message of hope for people confronted by a rapidly changing world.

Current work

Andrew now works internationally as a keynote speaker, facilitator and coach. His unique ability to engage with audiences from all walks of life and present a message that cuts to the core of the issue at hand leaves his audiences inspired, thoughtful and entertained.

Andrew challenges many commonly held beliefs and assumptions – including the need to analyse everything – with humour and insight. His ability to translate complex theory into easily understood examples and stories inspires his audiences to take a fresh look at the problems they are dealing with in their lives.

In a world flooded with information and increasing complexity Andrew’s presentations and trainings provide his audiences with a refreshingly simple approach to dealing with many of the challenges confronting them.

Previous experience

Diversity: Andrew’s inspiring curiosity and hands-on approach to life led him to experiment with diverse early career choices. From taking rock bands around Europe, exploring the art of stone masonry as an apprentice in France, trying his hand as a green fingered landscape gardener in Berlin and even jumping headlong into the world of culinary delights as a chef in the South of France, Andrew then studied for four years before working in China as a doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Director: As a successful primary care practitioner, Andrew volunteered time running workshops for street kids where his passion for teaching and learning flourished. He was also the program director for the Discovery Program, a seven day residential life skills program for teenagers.


Talking Points