Andrew Lock

Australia's most accomplished high altitude climber.


Andrew Lock is the most accomplished high altitude mountaineer in Australian history and one of the world’s most sought after remote area expedition leaders.

He is the only Australian, indeed the only member of the British Commonwealth, to have climbed all of the world’s 8000 metre – death zone – mountains, an odyssey sixteen years in the making. But success did not come easily. He survived avalanches, crevasse falls, frostbite, bivouacks at extreme altitude without equipment and lost more than twenty of his friends to the mountains.

Current Work:

Andrew has also guided numerous teams to the summit of Mt Everest and to the most inhospitable environments on every continent on earth. He has trained and led members of the Australian Government’s National Antarctic Research Expeditions on multiple Antarctic expeditions, and guided commercial groups across Antarctica and the sub Antarctic.

Andrew’s story is exceptional because he comes from a humble, urban background, with no family links to the mountains. Yet he pursued his dream of climbing all of the world’s highest mountains for sixteen years, actually living on the sides of those frozen monoliths for 4 years! His exceptional achievements in the face of such adversity have demanded supreme levels of resilience, perseverance and leadership.

Previous Experience:

Community: Andrew holds a Bachelor of Social Science (Emergency Management) with Distinction. He is a regular speaker at charity events and is the official Ambassador for Scouts Australia, the Sir David Martin Foundation and the Australian Himalayan Foundation. He has been appointed an Australia Day Ambassador six times.

Media Presence: Featured climber in Discovery documentary six episode mini-series ‘Everest: Ultimate Survival’ Author of SUMMIT 8000 the story of his epic 16 year project to climb all of the world’s highest mountains. Regular guest on Ch 9 Today, Ch 7 Sunrise, ABC 7.30 report, news, radio and newspapers. Featured in over 100 magazine interviews

Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM)
Australian Commendation for Bravery
Australian National Police Service Medal Australian National Medal
Australian Defence medal
Twice awarded the Mount Everest medal by the Government of Nepal Australian of the Year nominee 2010
Adventurer of the Year 2009 and 2010


Talking Points
SUMMIT SECRETS - Leading to Succeed
RISK - It IS worth it
SUMMIT 8000 - The Farthest Goal
EMBRACING UNCERTAINTY - The Alpine Style Organisation