Anthony Laye

Australia's preeminent mind-reader.


Is mind reading possible? Psychological illusionist Anthony Laye would make it seem so!

Current work
Make your next event a truly memorable occasion with a show that is interactive, thought provoking, witty and entertaining. Guests will be taken on a fast paced, sleek and energetic journey as Anthony infiltrates minds, letting the audience experience what at first impressions would be deemed as impossible.

A sophisticated English gentleman with exceptional manners and warmth, which becomes increasingly apparent as audience members are invited to the stage. They are treated with respect and leave feeling a sense of wonder and delight.

From a 20 minute performance to a full show and roving package, you will be booking a sleek, sophisticated and professional speaker and entertainer.

Anthony’s new speaking topic Unspoken Influence is a five step formula to knowing what people are thinking.

A blend of heightened observational skills, psychological ploys, suggestion and showmanship will lead your guests to choose predicted Lotto numbers, dates, words and names. Liars will be spotted and choices influenced.

Anthony even puts his influence powers to the test in a breathtaking game of Russian Roulette with industrial nail guns – performing a first on Australian TV as part of the 2012 series of Australia’s Got Talent – and a show finale that will leave the audience in rapture, as they themselves manage to make an impossible prediction a reality.


Talking Points
Keynote - Conscious Communication - The Key to Success
Event Host & MC - Keeping your event on time and engagement levels high
The Mentalist - Losing your mind has never been more hilarious