Ashley Fell

Social researcher and Head of Communications at McCrindle.


Ashley Fell is a social researcher, TEDx speaker and Head of Communications at the internationally recognised McCrindle. As a trends analyst and media commentator she understands how to effectively communicate across diverse audiences.

Current Work:

From her experience in managing media relations, social media platforms and content creation, Ashley advises on how to achieve cut through in message-saturated times. She is an expert in how to communicate across generational barriers.

In addition to delivering keynote presentations at conferences, Ashley is booked to conduct training days for corporate and not-for-profit clients, facilitate panels across an array of industries and deliver workshops across diverse generations. From generational change to responding to technological disruption, from key demographic transformations to social shifts, Ashley delivers research-based presentations dealing with global and national trends.

With academic qualifications in communications, an ongoing role in managing the deployment and visualisation of national research studies, and with her position leading the communications strategy at McCrindle, Ashley brings robust, research-based and experienced content to her engaging presentations and consulting.


Talking Points
Changing times, emerging trends
A demographic snapshot of Australia: Now and towards 2025
21st Century consumers and the key influence upon them
The new world of work; Understanding the emerging workforce, adapting to the new workplace
Understanding and engaging with Generation Z
The millennial workforce; Creating culture, purpose and impact
Digital communications for changing times; Thriving in the screenage and engaging with online communities
Bringing research data to life
Leading teams in changing times
Recruiting, retaining & training the new generations at work
Leading, innovating and thriving amidst transformative times
The top 5 trends transforming buildings and the industry
The top 5 trends transforming the Aged Care sector
A snapshot of the changes transforming real estate
Engaging with today’s students, communicating with prospective parents
The top trends transforming students, institutions & society.
Future proofing careers; How educators and employers can equip the next generation to thrive in changing times
The Future of Education
Leadership in anxious times - building resilient organisations
Foresight - understanding the trends to prepare for the future
COVID-19:Work wellbeing - creating thriving teams in chaotic times
COVID-19 & the future of work
COVID-19 & the future of learning
Work Wellbeing: Leading Thriving Teams in Rapidly Changing Times