Barney Swan

Polar Explorer and Sustainable Development Facilitator


Through a regenerative portfolio, Barney Swan accelerates ecosystem protection, carbon drawdown and leadership expeditions.

Current Work
He is currently in Far North Queensland, Australia, leading a project to restore 450 acres of the world’s oldest rainforest: Daintree.

Prior to founding the charity, ClimateForce Limited, Barney skied 1000km over 60 days to the South Pole, pulling a sledge with supplies and shelter. Surviving off clean technologies including a NASA-designed solar ice melter, biofuels made from waste products, vacuum flasks, and solar batteries.

With a spirit of collaboration, he connects audiences to better understand their environmental footprint and the responsibility to do more about it. Open-sourcing solutions and making sustainable development inclusive to businesses, students and families.


Talking Points
ESG Accelerator
Intergenerational Impact
South Pole Leadership Story