Baron Grant

Do It Anyway


Baron is a regular guy who has had some significant, real life challenges that everybody can relate to. His life went from charmed to challenged, and he shares what he learned in the process. Instead of admitting defeat as his new business suffered, his wife became deathly ill and his ability to provide for his family of 5 children became extremely strained, Baron learnt, and now shares how to dig deeper, exploring what actually makes life worth living.

Current Work

Baron has recently written and published a book titled DO IT ANYWAY, which outlines this story and aids the readers to act in spite of the challenges that life throws at them.

He also hosts a podcast series called DID IT ANYWAY, where he interviews people who have overcome significant challenges in their lives, and who continue to pursue their passions. Whether those challenges are financial, emotional or even health related, Baron finds out what keeps them going during the dark times, giving his listeners tips and ideas to help them focus on what is really important. This helps them on the path to chasing their own dreams.

In addition to his inspiring message of ‘acting in spite of life’s challenges’, Baron is an experienced trainer and facilitator, and frequently speaks on other topics such as understanding and developing your personal WHY, becoming a Master Salesman, Resiliency and Commitment.

Baron is also a Certified trainer for the TRACOM Group, with vast experience delivering programs on Social Style and Versatility, an adaptive mindset for Resiliency and agility, and Behavioural EQ.


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Do it Anyway
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