Ben Dark

Dynamic Getaway presenter.


From an early age, Ben Dark had an affinity with the bush.

Current work

Though best known as the dynamic presenter from Channel 9’s program Getaway, Ben Dark is an excellent master of ceremonies, equally happy with a scripted or combination of scripted and ad lib format. He has a genuine warmth and charisma about him, and never fails to capture the audience.

Previous experience
Born on a dam bank in 1972, he spent the first 11 years of his life on his parents’ property in Stanthorpe, south-east Queensland. In 1984 Ben was sent to a boarding school. He then spent his time roving around the Queensland outback on horses and motorbikes, through shearing sheds and stock camps, where he mustered cattle and saddled horses.

In 1994, Ben started at Brisbane radio station B105 for two and a half years.