One of the most versatile corporate show bands in Australia.


Described as Australia’s most versatile and entertaining cororate band, Big City Beat is an international phenomenon with shows that embrace all ages and cultures. With costumed show variations that cover all genres including ’60s, ’70s, ’80s and today, the band’s amazing party vibe has seen it perform international shows in Beijing, Singapore, New Zealand, the Middle East and all parts of Australia in the last two years. Their popular Megastars2K Show, featuring six costumed tributes in one 55 minute set, saw the band tour the world in 2012 including at the ANZ Australia Day Ball 2012 in Singapore.

Stunning costumes and sizzling choreography give the band commanding presence on stage, accentuated by the Big City Beat dancers, acclaimed brass section, male and female vocalists and more. With fun, energy and audience interaction guaranteed, Big City Beat truly deserve their accolades and reputation as a sure thing.

With an impressive repertoire that embraces party favourites, popular rock classics and a good dose of today’s Top 40 hits, Big City Beat ensures everyone has a party!

With a wide range of line-ups and shows to cater for your budget and audience, some functions may suit the costumed showcase shows while others may simply require a party band in slick corporate dress. Each line-up has its own unique qualities and charm and delivers a dynamic, energy-filled performance.